“The fNf Media crew exemplified remarkable, positive energy. The leadership and entrepreneurial attitude John has, radiates from him and the other production members. They’re truly changing the face of the restaurant business!”  – Joe Jacobino (Director of Marketing, Midtown 1015)


“John and the guys were cool dudes. We had fun working with them and it definitely helped increase our exposure.” – Paul Abrahamian (Owner, Sticky’s Finger Joint)


“John came into my restaurant to help asses our needs. He was more than great to work with – fun, relaxed and efficient. The crew was fantastic as well. The end result was perfect, containing useful information delivered in a creative and unique style.” – Sarita Ekya (Owner, S’MAC)


“The process was smooth and seamless. I truly enjoyed working with fNf and would consider doing more work with them in the future. I was very happy with the final product!” –Matthew Tivy (Owner, Café De Soleil)


“The communication was arguably the best I’ve ever experienced. Any questions I had were answered quickly and put my mind at ease. I was very satisfied with the business cards and menus we had done for our bar.” – Keiran McDonahue (Owner, Boss Crokers)